Sunday, March 07, 2010

Oscar Predictions...For Ink Casualty

I don't usually make many Oscar predictions but my buddy Ink Casualty wants to make a bet with me so I am going to post my preditions here.

I am not big on making predictions because well...I watch not so much for the awards but for the spectacle. I like a bunch of clothes and seeing the actors and directors. I don't thik this year is going to be a very big surprise. The real guessing game is between Avatar and The Hurt Locker.

I love both thoe directors...I've been following Katerine Bigelow's movies for her whole career and I am glad now other people will know who she is and maybe rent some of her movies. Some people assume there is bad blood with James Cameron...but he is a much cooler guy than people give him credit for...Last week James Cameron was asked how he felt being up against his former wife, Bigelow, who is also still one of his good friends (Cameron helped produce some of her movies and is a huge supporter of her work for decades)...he said "its a win win because he will be very happy if she is finally recognized after 25 years of being an excellent film maker".

I am having a hard time making a prediction about best picture because it might be a case were the voters want to support a female director. Bigelow would be the first woman director to win an Oscar for directing. good as The Hurt Locker is...I am not sure I feel it's a "best picture" movie. I think...Avatar is a better more fully realized movie. I think Bigelow should get best director. Her direction is stunning in The Hurt Locker exciting and innovative and brings the viewer into the emotional truth of the work portrayed by the characters. But...I think Avatar is such a brilliant innovative, emotional and spiritual film set within a good old-fashioned adventure story, it outshines any other movie this year.

It actually makes me feel bad to say that. Because I have been such a long time fan of Bigelows. my guesses for tonights the persistence of Ink Casualty forcing me to make this post...ha ha...are:

Best make-up for Star Trek, my wish for best animated movie is Fantastic Mr. Fox...but some kiddie crap will probably win. Best cinematography The Hurt Locker. If Avatar wasn't made this year...I would have totally gone with Inglorious Basterds: the most under-rated movie this year. Monique, Sandra Bullock, Christolph Waltz, Jeff Bridges, Katherine Bigelow and Avatar.

The more I think about it...the more I love Star Trek and Inglorious Basterds and if it wasn't such a good year for movies they might have had a chance at being recognized for their worth. Both incredible scripts, incredible cinematography and acting and stories.


Ink Casualty said...

I can taste the beer now!

Candy Minx said...

Ha ha! I know I am positive your predictions are spot on. I really think everything you guessed will be the outcome...but I had to tweak my predictions if we were going to have any kind of edge to our bets, right?

And besides...I watch for the clothes...I hope Tilda Swinton is at ceremony because she is one of the last great artsy dressers and risk takers. Now all the stars have committees to help they all dress the same. I love the Tildas and Bjorks and Gagas of the world!!!!

Ink Casualty said...

I'm not sure who one our bet as I still can't focus properly but I know I won the pub pool

Ink Casualty said...

and you just know the champagne did me in when I use one instead of won...duh

* (asterisk) said...

Good predictions you made, Candy. I'm underwhelmed by the winners, tbh, though Waltz seems to have been a foregone conclusion. And I guess it was about time some white Americans won the lead categories(!)...