Saturday, March 27, 2010

Words And Blogging

I was going to make some kind of momentous post when I had a 100,000 visitors to this blog. But when that stat arrived I was knee deep in paperwork and it just went by. I haven't done a post with word searches that brought visitors to this blog in a while so here goes. Btw, 111,818 visitors have dropped by here and these are some of the word searches they used that brought them here...

Specific word, and times it brought someone to this blog...

sunset: 339 xs
dance: 587 xs
pirates: 2384 xs
meridian: 1344 xs
rolling: 1022 xs
porn: 728 xs
sunglasses: 364 xs
dancing: 261 xs
masturbation: 762 xs
gnostic: 1350 xs
pole: 400 xs
you: 267 xs

Some other word serches:

JR east
Stephen Ives
dugglers grew
hip hop is not on the radio
power animal
speed skaters booty
hugh hefner nagel collection
americas prince of polka
gnostic masterbation
hot cowboys
physical transcendental art
song from yaes prima vera advert
"he squatted over the wolf and touched her fur"
train map of europe


furiousBall said...

"gnostic masterbation"

I have my next band name now

Unknown said...

me thinks its funny that "pirates" got more hits than "gnostic"

X. Dell said...

Seems like 'porn' and 'gnostic masterbation' direct tons of people to everyone's blog.

Underground Baker said...

me thinks it funny that pirates got more hits than porn

The Bumbles said...

Somehow I don't think the people searching for America's Prince of Polka is likely to hang out with those searching for Gnostic Masturbation. But maybe you brought them together?

All we ever get for search words are Bumbles. Whenever are the porn people going to come looking for us?!