Monday, October 12, 2009

Latin Music USA

PBS has an awesome special on Latin music this week. If you can't see it on tv then just do not pass go do not collect $200 just order the dvd at the link here! It's that good.


brassawe said...

Thank you for this, Candy. Cool trailer. Nothing quite like that chuka-chuka beat. Wish I had the scratch right now. Perhaps a windfall will come.

Were you able to see the show? Perhaps a report for those of us who could not as only you could do it?

tweetey30 said...

That was cool but I listen to enough of this from our neighbors when the windows are open during the summer..

Malcolm said...

Thanks for the tip Candy. I just checked the PBS schedule; I'm going to try and catch this next week. The music playing on the PBS page had me dancing in my chair.

Candy Minx said...

Steve, this is an excellent program. I probably should have written more about it but I like to whimsically p[ost short notes here . Yes, I know I'm famous for long-winded ramblings hee hee...but every gal likes to mix it up now and then. There were so many awesome stories in this first segment. Like Bill Graham! Like me you probably know Graham from his San Fransico days of the Dead, Santana and Jefferson Airplane promotions and shows. Well he was put in an orphanage when a small boy which saved his life as his mother was killed in Auschwitz. He and his brother were sent to France in a pre-Nazi protection move from Russia. He used to have a club or run a club in NYC that showcased Latin music. Afro-Cuban music especially with a ballroom atmosphere. The footaage of the Paladium and photos of dancers was amazing. The dresses, the clothes the music. Outstanding stuff. Afro-Cuban music and Latino music was wildly popular and was having a huge alternative scene. But then Communism turned people off the scene...and at the same time the Beatles came to America. But the show describes how Latin music affected everything including the way the Beatles played. Graham moved to SF and opened his club, the Filmore and the decor was based on his experience with the club in NY. The disco ball for example got co-opted by the pschyedelic scene. It was fascinating.

Tweety, I might try to phone you Monday to remind you of this show onthe 19th. You really should watch it. It will give you so much insight into the history of the music. In fact, it might be good for your kids too.

Malcolm, I hope you catch will LOVE it!

Anonymous said...

I was watching it just this morning ... at like 3 am! Maybe my insomnia knew it was on! Arrrghh!

Anyhow, I saw half the segment on Mambo & most of the following episode on Salsa. Great Footage! The Johnny Colon stuff was a riot! Very cool stuff w/ Santana as well.