Friday, October 07, 2011



X. Dell said...

You've been blogging up a storm. Lemme see:

(1) I've always had a fondness for both Goths and hippies. What's the deal?

(2) Steve Jobs' passing truly signals the end of an era. Seeing that I'm now writing this on a Windows 7 machine, I can fully appreciate what he left behind.

Now if I only had enough money for an iMac....

(3) I don't know much about animal acts, but it does look like an interesting documentary.

(4) I liked Veronica Mars and Arrested Development, but that's the biz. Almost all of the shows I liked were canned shortly after their debut. I've stopped watching.

(5) Um, who is that lady with the peace sign in the photo?

Gardenia said...

I love this = but you know why!!!!! LOL!

Janet said...

oh my gosh, LMAO!!!

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