Saturday, March 11, 2006

Block Party

I recieved an email from my pal Marc in Chicago. It was titled "Urgent Film Recommendation." we went to see Block Party.

You can find better reviews than I can write but my view is that this movie was not only funny, heartful, but I also had goosebumps and chills while listening to the music. That doesn't happen too much and Stagg, my guy, said he hadn't felt goosebumps listening to music for ages.

The interviews are fantasitc, the music and singing incredible. Jill Scott, the magical Erika Badu and reunion of The Fugees. Amazing. Big Daddy Kane, Common, The Roots all of them masters of "neo-soul".

I think Dave Chapelle is one of the most fascinating performers and personalities. I made sure to record his interview on Oprah and Actors Studio, and both interviews are worth seeing. He discusses his epiphany during his season after getting 50 mil deal and then bolting to Africa. He is one interesting cat!

The movie is ill. A must see.

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