Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Party with the online book club!

From left, Sara, Lynn and I at Carmines in Chicago. Lynn is providng evidence that we talked about "books" all night instead of the truth "girl talk". The book is Woman in White by Wilkie Collins which was one of our selections for discussions this month. I read most of Collins books, including this one, years ago...he was one of my favourite writers this book and The Moonstone I adored. It was awesome to re-read it because although I remembered alot, I had forgotten how racy some of the subject matter was, for then 1850's and even now. Plus, there was a lot of adventure, identity theft, illegitimate children, cheating, lying blackmail...and near the critique which went right over my head when I was younger. It is a fast paced suspense originally published in installments ala soap operas. Collins was friends with Dickens and is credited with writing the first detective/mystery novel; The Moonstone.

I had a great treat tonight. I have been involved with two online book clubs for years. The Cormac McCarthy Forum since 1997, and Constant Reader since 2000. This evening I met two women from Constant Reader for coffee at Borders in downtown Chicago. Then for dinner at and Italian restaurant, Carmines. You can see what a beautiful evening it was perfect weather. I love downtown Chi-town! All these years and we had not met up in real life. I have met several pals from these online book clubs and it is a lot of fun to put the faces to the names after exchanging opinions and book recommendations for so many years! I can't describe what a convenient and inspiring experience it has been to read books with others at Constant Reader. We have had some great discussions over the years. I cannot recommend online book clubs enough. If you like reading check us out!

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