Sunday, March 26, 2006

Making: A Year, Too Long For A Play

I ran out of grocery bags for collage, and I am out of paper around here in general. So I've found an empty tea bag package and cereal box, some cuttings from past collages, small pieces of water colour the upper left of this photo you can see some brown bag bottoms glued together with business reply cards...and white paper and black paint...

One section at a time...taping some odds and ends of paper together on the wall. I forgot that it's difficult to get tea in America. Lipton is doing okay. I meant to bring a bunch of Red Rose or Tetley with me, but really, Lipton is not bad.

Just adding what ever I can find. We need to get some more paper or groceries!

Some of my resources. We fight over who is first into the Popular Science magazine around here!

Patching lots of layers to hold the separate scraps of paper into one painting. Considering its just paper this starts to weigh a bit once I get going.

I recommend some refreshment. I like cheap champagne and expensive O.J.

Some words arranged in here together: total, thruster, real, you actually have rockets, tough, Blow, aware, Gold, probabilities? coming, puzzled, connect, easy, release, monkey business, delicious and stabbing.

Some newspaper clippings in here say...Ingmar Bergmans 1966 "Persona" successful personal experiment, Fateless director's debut late but great, shaggy dog, honest and things.

Listening to reggae radio and then Public Enemy, Fear of a Black Planet.

Some of us do actually use pallets. I got this downtown yesterday after Warhol show. $0.79.

Almost finished.

My cool supersize clip board. Yes, that is a Powerpuffgirls blanket.

Some details. It's all about the stars. Bras don't hurt either.

Finished! A Year, Too Long For A Play. 45 1/2"x 41 1/2".March 2006.

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