Monday, March 20, 2006

Let's Go Hawks!

Stagg's parents, John and Lee, took us to a Blackhawks game! It was a fun afternoon even though the Blackhawks lost. The game was a surreal experience for me. For one, it was weird to not be getting a buzz on during the live game. Yes, I had two beer, but it's American beer. I can't feel two. And two, I was trying not to be my typical Canadian self and drink too much in front of his folks, so I only had two beer. This goes against my experience because I figure family is WHY we drink. His parents shared a beer while I inhaled the first one! And three, I joked about who should I cheer for? Blackhawks or Gretzky? Of course I'm a Blackhawks fan! But it was pretty weird for me to get used to seeing Gretzky in a glass box. I think he was struggling with it too. (I said hi to him for you Suzanne, but I don't know if he heard me) He coached right by the door to exit, and as soon as periods were over, he was OUT OF THERE. And then Cujo was playing on Coyotes too. It just seemed weird. Slowly, I was a great way to spend an afternoon. And it was beautiful outside too, we did some more touristy things...

Team gear, okay well, I'm wearing red! You can see we had great seats.

Game face.

Warm up! Can't you taste the beer and pretzels now?

Just before we got to the arena, Stagg made his dad drive by Oprah's studio for me. I took this out the window. I had sunglasses on so no one could see my tears.

Air and Spokesmodel. Don't forget, you can click on photos and make them bigger. Excellent!

I think about this point I'm driving them crazy taking nerdy photos.

I love the Blackhawks logo. About this sculpture


More Chick Swag...

The sports store was all basketball and hockey all day. And all of a sudden this poster. Stagg made me take a photo because we couldn't believe out of anybody not in Chicago sports, theres Madonna. Like what? And this poster is from the concert tour Tiffany and I saw last year. The only thing we would have found funnier is if there was a picture of Tiffany and I there.

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