Thursday, November 01, 2007

List Of Events

1) In six weeks I travelled just over 7,000 miles

2) 5,400 of those miles driving. Part of the travelling was for a holiday and part of it was for a documentary I'm working on. 15 cities, 27 interviews, 14 hours of tape, 2,000 photos and lots of great food!

3) In Beaumont Texas instead of getting online on the hotel computer...I fed two feral cats living outside the hotel...with ALPO dog food bought at a gas station across the street. Today I phoned the hotel to see how the cats were doing...the hotel staff said customers and staff were feeding the cats. They saw the black one in the video today...but haven't seen the baby grey and white one since Saturday.

4)Took a picture of the one of the family homes of Cormac McCarthy, in Knoxville, and a setting from his Pulizer Prize winning novel The Road. Yes, I'm a geek. Or worse paparazzi.

5) Went second-hand shopping. Everybody needs a drawer for their guns.

6) Relaxed and watched tv in our bed and breakfast during our road Houston. Great bed and breakfast...I can't remember the name Lovett Inn? That's Stagg, Tuffy P and Mister Anchovy. Lots of mirrors. Stagg and I had a mirror right near our bed but believe me, we were way too tired to make any use of it that night. Rats.

7) One evening before dinner at a hotel in Texas Stagg and I caught one of our neighbours in Chicago on tv.

8) Met up with a fellow blogger, here are some photos...

9) Went to New Orleans, see some photos here

10) Me and Stagg in front of sculpture near the Mark Rothko Chapel in Houston. We saw lots of amazing art on our trip.

11) I estimate I spent about 30-40 hours in various bus depots. Sometimes it was trying...but it was a lot more social and interesting than airports.

12) Saw a lot of performers, this band is Woody Daigle and the Cajun 5 at Prejeans, featuring Ray Lavergne, member of the Cajun music hall of fame, on accordion. (thanks Mister Anchovy!)

13)I took a lot of silly pictures of my boyfriend, this one is at the Johnson Space Museum in Houston. I was super geeked to be there seeing Mission Control!


Anonymous said...

Hi, Candy! It's great to be back at your blog! You are so creative and inspirational.

I've been scaling back on blogging myself, and I haven't participated in Thursday Thirteen for some weeks now, mainly because I've been pumping up my fiction writing output. And that's thanks to two Writing Challenges: Seventy Days of Sweat and, starting today, NaNoWriMo! Sometimes there's nothing like accountability to kick one's butt out of a slump.

Wow, you've been very busy, and it sounds like you're having a great time. 7,000 is a lot of miles!

I'm glad the hotel staff is looking after those precious little feral kitties. And how neat that you visited one of the family homes of Cormac McCarthy -- I recently read his novel The Road, and the man is one of the most amazing writers I have ever read.

Best of luck with that documentary of yours -- I'm sure it will be fabulous!

SJ Reidhead said...

Okay, my life is boring!

The Pink Flamingo

Red said...

What a feat! Wow... we were wondering when your road trip would lead you back to Chicago and figured it must be about now. So welcome back to both of you!

So many fabulous memories! And the pics are so much fun!

Unknown said...

Great to see you back. Wonderful TT and wish you well on the documentary.


Anonymous said...

You've been really busy but it's good to know that you're back and you're in the TT circle again.

Happy Thursday!

Wylie Kinson said...

What an amazing journey! Love the gun drawer *snort*. Explains a lot, really!

I, too, have been cutting WAY back on blogging, TTing, etc.
And I actually have a ms to show for it :)

good to catch up with you, Candy!

Janet said...

Welcome home, Candy! I'm now going to read about your travels!

Darla said...

Welcome back, Candy--what a trip! I've missed you. Love the pix. :)

She Became a Butterfly said...

loving the gun drawer!!

* (asterisk) said...

Welcome back, pet! I've just looked at a couple of your latest YouTube uploads, too. Great fun. The kitties are tres jolie. That Gardenia is a trooper, huh?!

Tempest Knight said...

Okay, after looking at all those pics of you having fun, all I can say is that I'm turning green. hahaha! Good to see you had a great time! (But I'm still jealous. Hehehe!)

Anonymous said...

Hi Candy,

It's not the "GUNS" drawer that caught my attention or captured my concern. It was the drawer for "BALLS."

Also nice to see the photo of the McCarthy home made on the run.

Joyismygoal said...

sounds likeanice trip

Gardenia said...

Awwwwwwww ya did a good thing - the kitties are now being fed. I need to check on my Popeye kittens too -

Love the photo of Stagg in the capsule - Candy, the more I see of life, the more spontaneous I to try to become - if you ever come here - we'll go to one of the game rooms and drive the cars and shoot zombies. So geek away - and just think you saw a huge piece of history there......

Amy Ruttan said...

Hi Candy,

Great to hear from you again! And it was great to meet you in the first part of your travels.

Love that picture of you and Stagg in front of the sculpture.

Raggedy said...

Welcome Home!
What a fabulous adventure you had!!
Terrific Thursday Thirteen!
Thank you for your visit.
Have a wonderful day!
Happy TT'ing!
(")_ (")Š

Wandering Coyote said...

Well, I think you can be forgiven! You've been dizzyingly busy!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! Love the trips photographs---and bless you for the feral cats (and for the preceding photo essay "Why Dogs Bite People"!)

This week we took a break from politics to post some gorgeous seasonal photos gleaned from Flickr's creative commons. No words, just eye candy.

mister anchovy said...

12. Woody Daigle and the Cajun 5 at Prejeans, featuring Ray Lavergne, member of the Cajun music hall of fame, on accordion.

Julia Phillips Smith said...

If you were shooting footage, a few missed Thursday Thirteens is definitely not so bad!