Sunday, October 26, 2008

Harvest 51 by Steve Warbasse

Harvest 51 from Steve Warbasse on Vimeo.

Harvest 51 is a documentary made by my friend Steve Warbasse. I've known Steve for about ten years, through an online bookclub, and he always surprises me with his experience and talent. This film features his parents last harvest on their famly farm. It is 20 minutes long but I hope visitors will take the time to's a part of our community we often forget about...Thanks Steve!


Gardenia said...

Chuck's uncle was/is on a small scale a small farmer and raiser of sheep. A very small minority of the holdouts in Iowa against the big, chemical spewing corporations buying up the small farms, which has changed the landscape of Iowa.

Oh, what a conference! Wonderful!!! This week I'll be tied up at the campaign office, LOL, you know which one. I can't wait to get in on that energy. Michelle was here the day I left - I wish I could have attended.

tweetey30 said...

I would but need to up grade the flash driver and our computer is so crappy I cant down load crap unless I want it to crash adn I dont have a copy of my photo's yet to do anything... I hate this computer.

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