Monday, October 13, 2008


We did it!

Yep. We are in Las Vegas and we got hooked up in the chapel where Bon Jovi and Aaron Neville got married. Elvis walked me down the aisle. We've been having an amazing time with some family and friends hanging out and doing casino hopping. My sister met us from Vancouver, my daughter from Toronto, Mister Anchovy, Tuffy P, Anita, B, Jill and Scott all in the same hotel. Yesterday we hung out at the Hard Rock casino and got a cabana and partied like rock stars.

We've got tons of photos and I am having trouble with uploading them but probably Mister Anchovy will have some and I'll keep trying. Stagg looked amazing...I am so lucky and we had such a lot of fun and are so happy. We've been laughing and running around Vegas like silly monkeys. If Danny or Dar and Nancy see this...we haven't told anyone yet...not even Stagg's's been really hard to keep the elopement a secret...but we are sending out letters today for a party in Chicago.

I'll try to get pictures up in the next few days (I'll send wedding stuff to e-mails...not online) but the hotel computers are a little finicky...and besides...the swimming pool is calling our names ...time to lounge and walk the Las Vegas Strip.

Big hugs to every one!!!! We love you!!!!



Wandering Coyote said...

OMG - OMG - OMG!!!!!

I'm stunned!


mister anchovy said...

Hey guys, we're back in TO now and we have tons of pics....I'll post a few now and maybe create a flickr photo set or something...

Karen said...

Holy shit!!! Congratulations Candy and Stagg! That's wonderful. All the best to both of you. I love the pick - very papparazzi-esque :)

* (asterisk) said...

Is it okay to call you a pair of rad motherfuckers? Congrats guys. Big love to you both.

Bridget Jones said...

Am also stunned but very very happy for you two! CAn't wait to see the pics!!!


Red said...

Yaaaaaay! Well done, you guys! Here's wishing you lots of happiness (of the married kind)! Can't wait to see more pics. And Candy, please post a picture of your shoes!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations and continued happiness together!

Candy Minx said...

Wandering Coyte, thanks I am glad you were surprised! I feel same way...OMG OMG!

Hi Mister Anchovy, yeah I can send folks pics in their e-mails, thanks so much! JUst forward a couple to my e-mail and I'll get them to Asterisk etc...

Hi Karen, thank you sweetie. Glad you like the pic. We had to figure out something fun without getting too personal heh!

Thanks Asterisk!!! We were aiming for "rad motherfuckers" exactly! Stagg had guys walking up to him and asking "Where you pimping" "and one bouncer was "way to go white boy"...he looked so awesome!

Brdiget, thanks! I'll send some pics when I get back home.

Hey Red!!! I can't believe we got it together and did it...I still had a hell of a time trying to zip iup dress. Mister Anchovy was on crack because I see he posted a pic of me in dress...I am horrified...I look like a barrel in tulle. I shall have to kill him later, heh heh! EDIT!

Thank you Margeret/Penelope!

Janet said...

Congratulations! Now this is the way to get married!!! WOOHOO!

Anonymous said...

quelle surprise!!!!
so glad you've found each other, and wishing you much happiness.

tweetey30 said...

Hey congrats guys. Now where are you going to live since you have two homes now??? Just a curious little bird wondering.. I have happy tears rolling down my face for you. I have been very emotional since my girls went to his mothers house on Saturday. I cant keep my emotions under wraps.. Anyway hope you are having fun and I will talk to you when you come back..

Martha Elaine Belden said...


Martha Elaine Belden said...

p.s. forgot to mention, i LOVE that picture!! y'all are adorable... clearly!

Anonymous said...

Holy S***!

Congratulations to you both.

Can't believe that you chose Las Vegas rather than Gatlinburg as the spot to get married--but there is no accounting for taste.

Best wishes,

thehealingroom said...

I am SO happy for you Sweetheart!!
I truly wish I could've been there.
You looked like you guys were having so much fun.
beauty ring!!
Way to go Stagg, did good!

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