Saturday, September 27, 2008

What Are You Crazy? The Fall Will Probably Kill You

Paul Newman, R.I.P. What a beautiful actor. I love him.

Montage from Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid

Banjo scene in Cool Hand Luke

And a Canadian fixture...Slapshot

"Put that fucking stick in his side. Let him know you're there. Put that lumber in his teeth. Let him know you're there."


Anonymous said...

Dear Candy,
You are a treasure! Thanx so much for your great posts on McCarthy forum. Loved your tribute there and here to Paul Newman. Hockey songs and homage to all things hockey took me back--I came of age when the "Big Bad Bruins" owned the ice. I slept with Gerry Cheevers'...POSTER above me every night. High as a kite when they won the 1970 Stanley Cup. Next year, I wore black for months to mourn their loss--might have been to the Canadiens..grrr. Still had my poster of Gerry to console me,along with poster of Bobby Orr in mid-air after being tripped while scoring game-winning 1970 finals goal...Thank you, Candy. You're a force of nature. I'm too chicken not to give a pseudonym on McCarthy forum. But, you go, girl, keep knockin' their socks off over there!

Candy Minx said...

Hi Penelope, thanks I'll have to go look for that Gerry Cheever's poster! Sounds hot! And thanks for visiting here and saying such a nice comment. I'm not too popular over at McCarthy forum so it's nice to hear something a little friendly hee hee! But it's a lot of fun to pull some legs and share ideas. We should start a thread with "women" topics and call it "LIPSTICK" or something and talk about the women characters etc...and sexy guys.


Malcolm said...

The Hanson brothers were beasts on the ice. I like that "Let him know you're there" quote that you posted.

By the way, I posted the lineup of films that TCM is showing to honor Paul Newman.

Penelope/Margaret said...

Hey, Candy,
Your reply made my day. I started on McC forum after having read only TR and NCFOM. I def. want to read more in future, but want to do that bf I post much more. In the meantime, it's great to read folks' stuff-smart, funny, irreverent ppl are the best! That includes you, Renaissance woman! This blog is so expansive. Artists are so imp. to society.
When I read more McC, I think it would be neat to examine female characters in depth and post some things, def. I'm no pro--was Eng. major and taught Eng. to immmigrants and HS kids. It was equal parts social work and grammar/lit. Their lives would make great lit. (gut-wrenching and inspiring).
It's not lit., but a seminal work for me on differences b/ween men's and women's brains was Carol Gilligan's In a Different Voice. I say, "Vive l'diference," (sp?) but we can't let different voices of whatever gender be drowned out, either. Hope you keep posting; keep the faith.

Red said...

Such sad news about Paul Newman. What a magnificent man. Here they said something about him being the link between the likes of Cary Grant and the new generation of actors, like Tom Cruise. He really bridged that gap.

I'm trying to think of a film I saw with him where he's a sports journalist in Paris... does that sound familiar to you?

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