Thursday, November 02, 2006

Getting My Geek On!

When we first bought the computer and brought it home, set up the internet...the very first place I went to was my ultimate favourite website. It didn't work! I called support and they could not help me. I was so disappointed. IThen again, when I started this blog, I tried to link it and it still didn't work on my computer. I've been telling people about this site for at least six or seven years. I've shown it to anyone who will listen and take the time. I think it is the coolest thing. It's an essay. An active essay about a theory in physics called Emergence. I had read an awesome book called Emergence by John Holland and after finishing it, went online to find anything I could about the ongoing research on this wonderful science theory. I posted an excerpt from Holland's book in one of my first posts here at this blog. John Holland's book was one of the first mainstream accessible books on this subject, published in 1998. Tons of books on the subject have come out over the years, but I still look to this particular publication, for resources.

The active essay Exploring Emergence is really something. It's like a game with instructions and text, and while you follow directions and watch the action, the theory of Emergence comes to life. So today, I tried once again to see if it would work on my computer. Uh, rats, no. So I called the designer at MIT. He actually answered the phone. I totally gushed and geeked out to him how much the site means to me and I can't get it to wor on my computer. He was in the middle of a meeting, but genrously gave me his email address and I proceeded to write him how much this means to me. I have no pride. Not only did I gush, I explained that the active essay was so important to me, I have written a script with characters who talk about the site in my movie. And of course, I asked permission to film the site for my film at some day when I finally produce the movie. (That's a whole other post, sportsfans)

So Mitch Resnik, is going to see if he can tweak the program to work on Macs. In the meantime, maybe the program will be of interest to some of you, and maybe it will work on YOUR computer. Keep your fingers crossed Mr. Resnick can help me get my geek on!

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