Monday, November 06, 2006

Search Words that Brought folks here...

drugs represented with candy
walking backwards into the furute improv
do noodles turn to sugar like potatoes
how to incorporate Amish lifestyle into your daily world modern
soil erosion
addicted to depression
Tramp Art of the Great Depression
phoniness of donnie darlo
painting of the Emeral Tablet
dirty filty gwar bass tabs
sugar induced diareahha
anita chef burning man
Luck Destiny
marriage commisioners tofino
fat art
how to sell your art work(ha ha ha ha ha ha ha)
was getting flabby
I don't thik everybody's made of iron, buddy
erica badu and the occult
don't you wish you could be like a rebirth brother
p2p gift economy
Aeschylean dimensions of Hamlet
socials and greasers halloween costumes
environmenyt of inventor william james morrison candymaker
definition of commaraderie
vitamins, psychedelics
foot & tire warhol
you are the only student you have
amputee girl
world corruption of halloween candy
social injustice goths


Anonymous said...

wow--#4, how to incorporate Amish lifestyle into your daily world modern, totally blew my mind.
such a fun game!


drugs? I'm on me way

mister anchovy said...

I'll have some of that good advice about how to sell your artwork, thank you very much.

Wandering Coyote said...

As you know, I'm a big fan of these kinds of posts. They're always so fascinating!

Anonymous said...


sugar induced diareahha... omg?