Friday, November 24, 2006

List From A List

You know I love lists, yummy!

But this one is a really addictive one...books. The New York Times Top 100 Most Notable Books of the Past year.

I've compiled a quick first impression list of books I'd like to read. I've read a few of the selections on this list already. But here's my new reading list to look out for next time I'm at the book store...anybody else game? What would you like on their list?

Here are my choices from their list:


Arthur and George by Julian Barnes (Sherlock Holmes sounds really cool.)
Of course, Digging To America by Ann Tyler!
Gallatin Canyon:Stories by Thomas McGuane
The Lay of The Land Richard Ford (I heart R.F.)
Against The DayThomas Pynchon (I'm a sucker for punishment hee hee , well I love him and Pynchon is a lifestyle choice)
The Emperors Children by Claire Messud
The Echo Maker by Richard Powers
Forgetfulness by Ward Just

I noticed two novels about artists, The Dissident by Nell Freudenberger and The
Dream of Sukhanov
by Olga Grushin...and they sound like they are both
exploring similar plots and themes, Interesting.


The Blind Side by Michael Lewis
Programming the Universe
Blue Arabesque by Patricai Hempel
The Courtier and The Heretic by Mathew Stuart
The Omnivores Dilema:A Natural History of Four Meals by Michael Pollan
Redemption by Lemann
The United States of Argula: How We Became A Gourmet Nation by David Kamp

Any books on the list grab your attention?


Shep said...

You won't read a better book this year than the new Richard Ford. I could read it over and over. Forever.

Just got the Pynchon in at work - it's a huge beast. I loved Crying Of Lot 49 so much...but I may have to wait until the paperback before I dig in.

Nearly finished the new Carl Haaisen - Nature Girl. It tucks nicely under the Richard Ford in Books Of The Year for me (although, hang on, it might not be out until next year...)

I love my work.

ems said...

Well, scrolling through the list I recognised about 12 titles which I'm hoping means that different books are published this side of the water. The other alternative is that I don't know as much about the current book scene as I like to think...

The only one I have actually read is Suite Française in the original bien sûr .

The Richard Ford came well recommended in the Guardian today.

Candy Minx said...

Shep, I love Richard Ford he is wonderful. I forgot you worked in a book company! I worked in a book store once and it was incredible ARC are US!!! I am glad to hear you liked the Ford too.

Ems, well, publication dates of British, Canandian and American novels are quite often staggered...more than just shipping seems to be the reason, but I don't know what. Perhaps delayed distribution similar to films? So you're not out of the book scene just different scenensa t different times...

I was hoping Karen would see this list...I must go tease her right now!

Gardenia said...

Hmmm, right now David Kamp's book (The United States...) sounds like intriguing reading. Oh, I'm asking for gift certificates for books for Christmas - the books no one who knows me, knows me well enough to get the book for me! Yes, books are addictive - our house in Florida's decor is early "bookville."