Thursday, March 15, 2007

Best Male Rock Singers

Week # 33.........
1. Chris Cornell
2. Bono Vox
3. Scott Weiland
4. David Bowie
5. Thom Yorke
6. Little Richard
7. Anthony Keidis
8. Prince
9. Bruce Springsteen
10. Kurt Cobain
11. Freddie Mercury
12. Ian Curtis
13. Roger Daltrey

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Wylie Kinson said...

What? No Andrea Bocelli?? ;)
I didn't know Bono even had a last name!
Great List.

On another note: we don't know when our episode of Test the Nation will be airing (the Romance Writers are NOT on the live show this Sunday) - but we'll keep you posted, once we know our air date.

Tink said...

Wow, short TT, but I always read the long ones too! :-) Great singers there. Add Robbie Williams for me and I agree! ;-)
Thanks for visiting my handbag TT.

Darla said...

Ah, a woman after my own heart. Great singers--I completely agree. I think I'll go turn on some Queen (and close the laundry room door so I can hear it!).

* (asterisk) said...

You know I can't possibly agree with most of those! But I find it quite hard to list mine simply because (a) I place little importance of delivery and more on lyrical content, and (b) 13 is a lot, man!

Still, even if I were to pick five, that's probably at least four more than I could think of for best female singers...

Janet said...

Dude...where's Robert Plant???

Carmen said...

Prince, while not my favorite artist ever, is a really good performer!

Nancy Lindquist-Liedel said...

Just can't agree about Little Richard, but other than that...

Uisce said...

hey, I've even heard of most of them! happy TT, mine's up!

Buttercup said...

I'm going to have to have to go with Kurt Cobain. By the way, I was going to email you but I can't find it on your site. I hope you are doing ok...

Amanda Young said...

Little Richard *g* How about Elvis? Cute list.

Mercy's Maid said...

You know, I've only recently discovered how much I like Prince. Where have I been all this time? :) Thanks for stopping by my 13.

Candy Minx said...

Wylie, hi was a rock category so no opera. Um, I put the Bono last name just to be fancy. I shall look forward to hearing about when your episode of Beat The Nation airs.

Tink, I agree Robbie Williams is good.

Darla, Frddy Mercury's voice has really been unmatched. I saw an amazing biography on him one, he had a fascinating life. English boarding school in India, a woman love of his life, his teeth, gay and out, lyricist.

*, it was so difficult to keep this to 13. I was going crazy. Even 20 would have been difficult for me. Next week i'm going to do female singers in rock. I agree with you there, that it will be tough to get to more than a few. I knew you would buck at this list, but I think these voices are definitive for anecdote for American Idol "trained" singers.

Janet, Robert Plant really should be on this list...I almost bumped Thom Yorke for Plant. I watched the rcka nd roll hall of fame show the other night...the best awards show I've ever seen and they played a older performance froma couple of years ago of Plant, Page and Young playing guitar and just generally being gods. Awesome.

Carmen, YES!!! Prince might be one of the top four five performers EVER! A direct descendant of Little Richard.

Nancy L-L, have you ever seen film footage of Little Richard when he was about 23 years old? He not only looks exactly like Prince his dancing style fashion and chemistry is all ROCK...but his voice is the birth of how could I not hve him on this list?

uisce, I realize a couple here in this are obscure...again I was thinking of the pure rock voice, untrained primal unique...and so had to feel inclined to include someone from Joy Division Ian Curtis, short fame, but special voice.

Buttercup, Kurt had a very special voice didn't took me about three years till I could listent o hi again after he died, or I would simply cry...his breathing, phrasing and lyrics made for perfect emotional delivery.

Amanda, Elvis came very close to making this list. 13 is just too small a list for rock singers.

Mercy's Maid...check out Prince in Paisley Park doc...inside his warehouse design studio and some wicked wicked dance moves! I am so jealous you are just discovering Prince, the first time I heard him changed my life!

Unknown said...

There are so many great male singers out there. It depends on my mood, but I love Freddie Mercury. My dad gave me the DVD of one of their last concerts. Freddie was amazing. I could listen to that over and over.

Chana said...

Josh Groban?
Chad Kroeger? (seeing him tonight *swoon*)
Darren Hayes? (in my best Jim Carrey impression "I like him alot")
Good list though!

I'm up too!

Joy Renee said...


I don't know very many of these. Unless I know them by there groups. I need to do for Rock and Roll what I've been doing for movies. Big culture gap. My exposure to it before I left home was furtive listing over a transistor radio with a single ear bud, if you could call them that then. Not even stero. Mostly I didn't pay attention to the DJ identifying the artist or title. Well there were a few occassions when I listened to albums at a friends house. That was how I developed the guilty pleasure of loving Queen. Whom I can thank for introducing me to Beethoven, Bach, Motzart et al because someone told me Queen was influenced by classical music. Classical music was safe to listen to cranked on my Dad's stereo.

thanx for stopping by looking for my TT. I had a headache last night--sleep deprivation plus caffiene overload.
It's up now:

13 more research projects impacted by the impending library closure.

Also I posted an explanation of the closure last weekend. Sort of.

Three weeks plus one day. Somebody stop the clock pleeease...

Amy Ruttan said...

Ooh, #4 and 8 for sure.

Prince always, ALWAYS, fires my muse.

Great list!!!

DILLIGAF said...


1) Bowie
2) Morrisey
3) Paul Weller
4) Lou Reed
5) Iggy Pop
6) Joe Strummer
7) John Lydon (Rotten)
8) Billy Joe Armstrong
9) Liam Gallagher
10) Kurt Cobain
11) Jarvis Cocker
12) Robert Smith
13) Noel Gallagher

L^2 said...

Definitely agree with you on #1, 2, 3, 5, 10, and 11. Great list.
Happy TT! :-)

Joan said...

thanks for stopping by for a visit.

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