Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Paintings For Cheap!

Listings At eBay I don't know, this is like my compulsive hobby. Posting art on eBay. These are my paintings for sale, super cheap. It's turned into a form of entertainment to watch how many people manage to find the stuff listed. 12. 47. 102. 4. 6. 12. Not many visitors.

But I've spent some time wandering around eBay looking at art, and it is kind of hard to find there are so many things for sale the categories just seem to make it even more crazy there...so I wonder about selecting a gallery show of artfor sale on eBay. I suppose I am surprised that someone doesn't "curate" soem eBay shows on a website...maybe I'll try although I think curators are some of the biggest phonies on the planet...well actually "curating eBay" sounds kind of anarchist doesn't it wahahaha...

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