Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I Can't Make A Fist

Well, we did pick up Barefoot In The Park the other day on our walk and there was a big sale and I held back on dvd purchases and only got two movies. They couldn't be more different from each other if I tried to get two extremes. The other movie is Mulholland Dr.

If you want to sound really pretentious or get a grant for making art just use the phrase "diametrically opposed" in your "artists statement" and you'll probably get the attention of some suit doling out money for art. Well these two movies are well, really different from each other.

You know those times when it's cold and you might as well stay indoors and watcha movie? You don't even want to go outside and rent a movie? Well, that was one day about four years ago, and my friend and I looked at the dvd collection. I thought, I'd like to re-watch Mulholland Dr. It's crazy as rat shit and maybe here in the house with othing else to do I will actually understand it this time. I crack to my friend, "you know David Lynch should have a manual come with his movies like helpful hints or how to watch my movies" And my friend kind of tolerated my attempt at humour and kind of laughed. I think I'm uproarously funny sometimes. So we dig out Mulhollland Dr. and I put the lights up on because I was really scared when I saw this movie in the theatre...no point being all creeped out in your own home, right? My buddy puts the dvd into the machine and I am looking at the dvd case. Inside there is just a photo of a street sign. I think well, maybe there are movie credits under this photo. I turn the liner picture around and dagnabbit...if there aren't a list of helpful hints on how to watch the movie!!! We died laughing, couldn't stop laughing.

When I bought the dvd Mulhollland Dr. the other day, we walked to the Irish pub, and I immediately opened the new dvd...and na da. Zip. Nothing. What a rip! So I e-mailed my buddy who had the dvd from a few years ago and he just sent me the list inside his copy of Mulholland Dr.

1. Pay particular attention in the beginning of the film: at least 2 clues are revealed before the credits.

2. Notice appearances of the red lampshade.

3. Can you hear the title of the film that Adam Kesher is auditioning actresses for? Is it mentioned again?

4. An accident is a terrible event... notice the location of the accident.

5. Who gives a key, and why?

6 Notice the robe, the ashtray, the coffee cup.

7. What is felt, realized and gathered at the club Silencio?

8. Did talent alone help Camilla?

9. Note the occurrences surrounding the man behind Winkies.

10. Where is Aunt Ruth?

11. What is in the trees that belongs in the ground?


* (asterisk) said...

There were no clues inside mine either; I had to get them from a David Lynch forum. Not that they really help in any meaningful way. Lynch didn't want to do it, as you can imagine. He hates analyzing his work or helping others to do so. But pressure was put on him from an advertising standpoint for the UK initially. And it grew from there...

I'll be writing my review of Mulholland Dr. in a couple of days. I just put up my review of The Rundown, too, over at Such As They Are.

* (asterisk) said...

Also, though, I've not seen that 11th clue before. I've only found lists of 10 clues...

* (asterisk) said...

And... if I can hog your comments box even more, it's worth checking out this page, too.

Candy Minx said...

Well, I didn't remember that 11th clue either...I suspect my pal might have just written that one himself?

I love you hogging the comments, that's hilarious...and shows how excited we get about a Lynch movie.

Come on Red join the party! hee hee

I actually think these clues did help me...because I think I totally understand the time frame of Mulholland Dr. and that's important...

what is Mulholland Dr about anyways anybody care to expound? To hell with spoilers! The movie is actually very simple and straightforward...after the first few minutes compared to the ending, no?

Red said...

Have fun with this, kids. If you need me, you can find me having a cup of tea somewhere else on this blog...

* (asterisk) said...

First time I saw it, I liked it but didn't have a clue what was going on. I think I was too concerned with where Red had disappeared to in the cinema.

The second time was just a couple of weeks ago, and I liked it more, but it creeped me out a little less, thankfully.

I also came to understand the timeframes a little that time. Then I read some of the clues etc, and that has helped too, altho' I don't think you need to understand Lynch to love the feel of his work.

I may watch it again before doing my review.

thehealingroom said...

Thankyou So much for this Candy!
A friend of mine recently watched this movie for the first time with her man and they had a HUGE blow out over it.
He forbids anymore David Lynch movies.
Perhaps, understanding them more will take some of the fear away.
...oh yeah,.and keep the lights on!
hee hee

Candy Minx said...

Well, *, I think more than anything....Lynch is having fun giving the finger to traditional story line motifs. I think he is also interested in how much do we need to know to follow a story or become emotionally involved. His images are the driving storyline, they provoke us the viewer to fill in the gaps with our own nightmares and fears. In some cases nothing bad at all has happened to us...then like Twin Peaks "evil" is in our own families rather than a bogeyman or slasher killer it is in our own house and hidden/accepted...allowed to take it's desire. I suspect after his experiences with audiences on his tv miniseries version of Twin Peaks...he grew curious about what exactly is the audience looking for...he had wrapped up the entire plot of Twin Peaks in the mini-series, we knew who BOB was...yet the public wanted more . More of WHAT? More story more mystery, not actually feeling it was over once we knew the "bad guy". We liked the storytelling and the images more than anything.

The Heaing Room...these helpful hints DID help me understand the time frame of the movie Mulholland Drive. What I "think" I understood was that the movie time was actually only a few seconds long...not in this list is a detail that became apparent to me...the "red" at the beginning of the story, and the red in the last few minutes of the film are connected.

I haven't watched this since we picked it up...we'll probably watch it tonight and I really look forward to your movie review *...should be fun to talk about this movie without a spoiler in your comments?

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