Saturday, March 10, 2007

Two by Two.

A couple months ago Wandering Coyote asked why I seemed to be so obsessed with grafitti. I guess I am, I like taking pictures of it...and I love it when people are just inspired to scratch something ona wall or paint something. A year ago Stagg and I collaborated on that piece above in circle shapes. We each started a circle then worked on it then traded them back and forth. In the summer, I took a photo AGAIN in a bathroom stall (seems to be a recurring theme here) of these contraptions below. I was going through my photos and they popped out at me. So I post them here for comparison.
Which came first I wondered to myself. We made the painting a year ago...I took that photo six months later. Did I take the photo because it reminded me of the painting we made? Or did I make that painting because in my secret mind I had remembered the contraptions in the stalls with grafitti all over them? I've been a regular for 15 years at one of my favourite Toronto hang-outs, Sneaky Dees? What came first? Or maybe nothing. Maybe I just went through my photos and saw how funny these two pics stood out as similar?
Or perhaps I am a product of art history. I loved Marcel DuChamp when I was young and first going to art school. Maybe my study of his work and life suggested to my impressionable is everywhere? Art is art, if we decide it is art?
Again, going through piles of photos and just thought I'd add these froma spring day.


Timmer said...

Nice pictures of Stagg and Candy. The pieces are cool and look a little like collectable plates!

Candy Minx said...

Wow, collectable plates...that would warm my grannies heart. Um, you've seen them, Tim, they're on Tuffy P and Mister Anchovy's kitchen ceiling!

mister anchovy said...

Collectable plates? hmmmm. Love the photos...!

Amy Ruttan said...

Aah Spring, I miss spring. Very cute pictures of you and Stagg.

Sorry I wasn't there for TT this week, stuck in Jury Duty. I'll be back next week, right now I just need to forgot the things I heard and saw.

I missed reading my fave blogs though. :)

Anonymous said...

Damn, you two look adorable.

* (asterisk) said...

Cute pics of you guys! I like graf art too, but usually only if it's done well, rather than just scruffy tagging stuff.

I've got Red's name tattooed on me in graf art style.

Red said...

Yes, he's got my name tattooed on his side... rendered in the style of a crown of thorns around a sacred heart! I guess this way I'll forever be a thorn in his side ;D

Love the springtime piccies -- you guys look very happy, and that is good to see.

Cool concept to pass your circle shapes back and forth. So each of you was adding a new twist at each pass? Do I understand this correctly?

Gardenia said...

The plate idea is tremendous - can you imagine a set of dinnerware designed by you guys? It would be envied by EVERYONE -

You post bought me joy - you guys sorta seem to carry a "brightness" around about you from you personal photos to your work...

Candy Minx said...

My keyboard was on the fritz for the last day or so...out of te loop, oops...

Thanks Mr. A...and actually I would love to make painting for

Amy, yeah I saw you had jury duty and it was a criminal case, Iwas worried about you. Obviously you served quickly! I hope the kids knock all bad memories out of your mind.

L.M, gosh thanks...adorable huh? Well we do have a lot of fun...cute and adorable, I'll TAKE IT!

*, sounds like a cool tat, very dedicated too by the sounds of it.

Red crown of thorns...ah that's just to keep poking him inhis ribs. yes, you understood the colaboration process we used for the circles. Basically just taking turns...and sometimes I say something has to stay or we negotiate something going or staying. But mostly just back and forth.

Gardenia, I am glad to hear you had a smile when you stopped by to visit. Like I said earlier too...I would love to make a set of dishes and painti them how I paint...oh it would be a secret dream of mine. Um, I am having trouble getting on to your blog on a regular basis, what am I doing wrong? Help!

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