Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Weekend With David Lynch

Can you imagine hanging out with David Lynch and a physicist? It's possible. At the Marharishi University a conference called Catching the Fish: Consciousness, Meditation and Creativity is taking place in May.
Sheryl Lee, Lynch and Moira Kelly

Special thanks to Bente, the Project Director at the Marharishi University for stopping by my blog and letting us know about the cool conference! You can click the title of this post to visit his website and find out more details about the school, and the conference.

-More on Mulholland
-and soon: Movie Reviews, Such As They Are
And excuse me, um *, you watch America's Next Top Model. surely you can see that this is a good looking woman in this photo. Imagine with make-up and cool clothes, I think she is actually more lovely than Keira Knightley. That a photo of a real life bounty hunter, her parents were famous (Lawrence Harvey of Manchurian Candidate) she was a model before she turned bounty hunter...I just had to add that since some folks might pop by your movie review my love. I can accept you not liking the movie, but not that this woman wasn't gorgeous :)


* (asterisk) said...

That Lynch thing does sound interesting, and if I lived closer I'd undoubtedly consider going. I'd read about it on a David Lynch forum.

And that pic of the real Domino, I must admit, is a good one. I've only seen one pic of her, and that was the short clip at the end of the movie, clearly not long before she died. and in that clip she did look pretty rough, though not wholly unattarctive, if you get me. The drugs, I guess.

Love ya, too, baby!

thehealingroom said...

Wow Candy.
That sounds like an awesome conference. Did you see that Donovan will be there too?
This will totally freak my friend's hubby out.
I like that you have started a dialogue with The David Lynch Weekend crew.

Candy Minx said...

Sushil, wow what an incredible comment you have included here...I'm going to read it a few times, let me tell you. I would say you and I have some similar ideas about things.

*, yes, I think I should be going to that conference!!! I love the idea of one of the guys from the movie "What The Bleep" is going to be there too...I am so curious. Also...that quote from the Upinishand and this weekend conference...definately show that Lynch is hardcore into the idea that we create our own stories and almost like tape are ready for them, then act through them...and why do we engage so much ??? I realized watching Mulholland Drive last night that the entire movie is a play with the idea of "club silencio" because the whole movie is an illusion right and not really real...more on this later today...we'll have dueling reviews okay?

Healing Room, yes, I was surprised by Donovan being at the conference. Did I ever tell you I saw him at a Mariposa Festival? He was a complete prima donna and very grumpy and rude to the audience, Iwas tramamtized and completely turned off of him. Meanwhile that same weekend we saw Tracy Chapman, John Prine, Arlo Guthrie and all of them were so incredible by the end of the weekend I was like, Donovan who? I am going to post something about Mulholland Drive shortly...maybe your friend and her hubby will stop by...I'd love to save a marriage!

Candy Minx said...

Sushil...I am going to go visit your website and read the whole article. I have a response right now too though as I think about what you've written. The difference is...I agree that our life style and the way we live also effects the way we think and act.

I feel was the very desperate act of moviing to an agricultural system and economy that has controlled how we think about the world, nature and our emotions. In agricultural economies (like North America, China, Europe, Middle East) genetically modifying food, like wheat and tomatoes and corn...has loosened our ethics towards each other, compassion and the value of money is first. The dominant manner to make a living on earth in all continents is by totalitarian agrigulture and then we see the rise of greed and consumerism...farming teaches us the strange perspective that we are better and superior to nature and other animals. Farming is disrespectful to the earth...and puts money above humans.

But more later...after I read your article and thank you so much for taking the time to share your thoughts here, rerally fascinating.

* (asterisk) said...

Hey Candy, you should go the Lynch weekend thing, definitely!

And my Mulholland Dr. review is up. Look forward to your thoughts.

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