Wednesday, March 14, 2007

More Search Words That Led To Here...

"westward" vancouver art gallery vietnam tim lee
conflict american idol
marilyn manson gnostic
Poetry of Physics
evolution can not avoid bringing intelligent life
atheist painters
think, the, notion, that, the, species, can, improved, some, way, that, everyone, could, live, harmony, really, dangerous, idea
lonely time
Anton Chigurh
squaw cunt
"cooking in the danger zone"
you live in a deranged, age, more, deranged, that, usual, because in spite, great of scientific and technological advances man has not the faintest idea who he is or what he is doing
ultimately awareness one thing above all else
Mark Rothko's level of fame
what does the cupid chastised painting mean
Britney Spears bare butt
why do youth americans engage in such a hip-hop music when they their own traditional music
american idol tosser
william burroughs gnostic
russian jazz-rock blog spot
quadra island paranormal

Stagg has a couple new paintings posted :)

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Pickled Olives said...

Thise are crazy!
how do you find the search words others use to end up here?

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