Wednesday, May 31, 2006

15 Days and Counting-Madonna In Chicago!

Concert photos - Madonna at Coachella 2006 >> liveDaily
I'm sort of updating this to make it more intereting for non-Madonna fans heh heh. But my god, I love these photos of her!

Forbes magazine has listed 15 ways to extend ones life span. I love # 6. Yeah thanks Einstein. No prob. Um, what is #5? I would like to add a #0: Make a pact with the devil.

1. Don't oversleep
2. Be optimistic
3. Have more sex
4. Get a pet
5. Get a VAP
6. Be rich
7. Stop smoking
8. Chill out
9. Eat your antioxidants
10. Marry well
11. Exercise
12. Laugh a little
13. Lose weight
14. Manage stress
15. Meditate


* (asterisk) said...

I'm counting the days, too, Candy: 14 days until she's in Chicago.


Wandering Coyote said...

Are you going? You'll have to tell us all about her hanging from that big cross...

Candy Minx said...

Yes, I have tickets Coyote, I am super excited. Yes, she has taken a lot of ribbing about the crss, but you know waht I think the stage set up looks cool! I am not crazy about a photo I saw of her in cullottes but maybe hopefully it was a dress rehersal photo ha ha!

Anonymous said...

mabe its this:
Atherotech - The new breakthrough VAP cholesterol test provides the missing information that identifies people who go undetected with the traditional ...

Candy Minx said...

Oh, and here I thought it might be "Get a Viking American Princess". Oops.

Heidi Grether said...

Did you know studies show that people that regularily attend church live ten year longer than those who don't? That is my pact with the devil, to irritate him by worshipping Jesus!

mister anchovy said...

Madonna who? (heehee)

me said...

#2 be optomistic
#3 have more sex

how perfect that they should be together, and in that order!
and whats a vap?


3, 4, 6 n 8...shit...missed 6. Try again

Anonymous said...

What a wonderfully refreshing attitude towards homosexualism you have!

Anonymous said...

I like a simple list

Get pissed

easy eh?