Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Help Candy Beat Kawasaki

Hi I've had a lot of visitors from Bifurcated Rivets and I really appreciate the link and you stopping by to visit. I am trying to out rank Guy Kawasaki. Guy Kawasaki is most known as an incredible marketer, authour of self help books for business and a former guru at Apple. I like Kawasaki's work, I love mac and Apple...but he wants to be top ten in technorati.

I want to beat him there! I have resisted asking for "mercy links" and so far...I began my technorati rating at 1,192,043 but today I am at 143, 114. I need a lot more links. Kawasaki is not embarassed by his quest for top ten ranking at technorati, and he doesn't care if people tease him, just as long as they link him. So maybe someone will read this and link me. I don't care if it's a mercy link heh heh.

I've been working on a painting that is almost finished, in order to psych out Kawasaki...nothing is more fearful to ones opponent than their enemy painting their portrait. It intimidates the hell out of them...TO FREEZE THEIR WARRIOR SOUL IN MY HANDS! I build a kind of mystery about the artist...a puzzle within an enigma...revealing my existential angst and power....ok maybe it doesn't do all that but I know Mr.Kawasaki is scared, he knows I am creeping up on him. I think we should meet once I kick his butt, and I'll post a photo here of me giving him a noogie, er ah, I mean us shaking hands. LINK ME!!!


Wandering Coyote said...

Hey, I've done my bit!

Candy Minx said...

Darling, I love ya, I have and I love you for it. Now see you're a friend...and those links are "my first" and from friends and pals. :)

This post is to put the holy fear of goddess into Kawaski's heart. Okay, I'm out having fun all right!

I am out whoring now, this is war! Ha ha.

...and maybe we'll all meet some more fabulous folks in the process, right?

Candy the link ho!

David said...

That's a great idea, to paint a portrait of one's enemy, thereby holding their soul in your own control.. I like it.

I may have to try that on a few certain folk..

Anonymous said...

hay candy do u has a myspace account> cos if u do u can whore it on there mabe?

Candy Minx said...

Hi ya guys! Well, i am still going to have my game and keep it here Pups! Thanks, I don't think I could handle two blogs. I am still learning how to make this one.

Yes, David, of course you can't see my arm gestures as say "hold his warrior soul in my hand" think fisted and drawing into my own chest movements...glee in my eyes...

Heidi Grether said...

Tell your dot thanks for the recipe! I will see about changing to recieve anonymous comments. Would not be a bad thing, huh?

And I will add you as a link!


Does it count if I link yer several times or am I just stupid.....oh.....ok

me said...

from the gaurdian newspaper 5th may 2006


charles saatchi is switching his attention from young british artists to the artworld equivalent of e-bay. his new online gallery,

is open to submissions from all over the world: artists are free to post images of their work, along with their cvs and contact details. already the site has attracted around 500 international contributors. if nothing else, it will save its proprietor a few visits to obscure galleries. "i'm sure on occasion something might take mr saatchi's eye," saatchi's spokesman says. "i imagine that's what all of them will be hoping for"

saw this and thought of you straight away, but it has been lost at the back of my locker for the last three weeks.
if you do it, let us all know.

heres hoping if you do, he takes a fancy!
and if you get a show of your own over here we all want invites!

Candy Minx said...

Oh thank you F.F. I will go check that out, a great idea! Of course if I got a show overthere all invites, and I'd be so buying y'all a pint! (we can dream right?)